First-Generation FAQ's

Q:  How is a first-generation student defined at the University of Miami?
A: The University of Miami defines a first-generation student as a domestic student whom neither parent or guardian has graduated with a 4-year college degree. Students who have siblings attending or who have graduated from college are still considered first-generation.


Q: How many first-generation undergraduate students are there at the university?
A: First-Generation students are 18% of the undergraduate student population.


Q: What is the difference between my academic advisor and my Empower Me First advisor?
A: Your academic advisor is able to assist you with course registration, your yearly academic plan, and can have fruitful conversations with you about other interests you may have. Empower Me First advisors can speak with you and assist you regarding anything in your relation to your transition to college life, whether personal, academic, or professional in nature. EMF advisors can NOT register you for courses—only your academic advisor can assist with that. Another major difference is that only first-generation undergraduate students have an Empower Me First advisor.


Q: What types of appointments can I make with Empower Me First?
A: Your Empower Me First advisor can support you in a number of ways. First-generation students can make appointments with their Empower Me First advisor to
  • to discuss academic interests, personal achievements or concerns, professional goals, internship or student involvement interests
  • to troubleshoot academic or personal concerns
If there is a concern or interest that you have that another campus resource can better assist with, we will make a direct referral for you.


Q: Is Empower Me First a student group?
A: No, Empower Me First is formal department or unit within the Office of Academic Enhancement. Every first-generation undergraduate student is a part of Empower Me First!


Q: Is there a student organization for first-generation students?
A: Yes, First Generation U is the student organization you are searching for! For more information about First Generation U, you can find their page and other student organizations by visiting Engage at


Q: Are there any faculty and staff who are first-generation college graduates?
A: Yes! There are over 90 faculty and staff members who identify as first-generation college graduates.