First Year Fellows

What are First Year Fellows?

First Year Fellows (FYFs) serve as a transitional support system for students as they face new academic challenges and concerns during their first year of college.  FYFs enrich the community with opportunities for academic excellence, campus engagement, and professional development through mentoring, academic role modeling, educational programming, and personal interactions.

My FYF and I don't have the same major.  

That's okay. FYFs are trained on a wide range of topics including advising, academic policies, and academic resources.  If they do not have an answer, they can find the answer and/or connect you to the right person to help you.  

Also, while FYFs focus on the residents on their floor(s), FYFs are available to all residents living on campus. If you're a computer science major, and you have some questions about what it's like in computer science, feel free to reach out to one of the FYFs majoring in computer science!  We're a community, and we're here to help!

Mahoney Residential College FYFs

Allie Ashman

Mahoney 1st Floor
Majors: Neuroscience & Global Health Studies
Email Allie

Kennedy Debow

MRC 201-229
Major(s): Sociology & Public Relations
Email Kennedy

Allison St. Clair

MRC 231-265
Major(s): Global Health Studies & Sports Medicine
Email Allison

Shirsika Kummeta

MRC 301-329
Major(s): Neuroscience & Anthropology
Email Shirsika

Kumani Riley

MRC 331-365
Major(s): Computer Science & Interactive Media
Email Kumani

Maria Mejia-Botero

MRC 401-429
Major(s): Public Health & Microbiology and Immunology
Email Maria

Cat Woods

MRC 431-465
Major(s): Classics & Motion Pictures
Email Cat

Liam Green

MRC 501-529
Major(s): Architecture 
Email Liam

George Gramza

MRC 531-565
Major(s): Marine Biology & Ecology
Email George

Roy Carrillo Zamora

MRC 601-629
Major(s): Legal Studies & Quantitative Economics
Email Roy

Fabrizio Darby

MRC 631-665
Major(s): Health Science & Biology
Email Fabrizio

Camryn McDonald

MRC 701-729
Major(s): Computer Science & Mathematics
Email Camryn

Jamilah Barclay

MRC 731-765
Major(s):  Accounting
Email Jamilah

Pearson Residential College FYFs

Orissa Symmonett

Pearson 1
Major(s): Biology
Email Orissa

Nick Dunac

PRC 201-229
Major(s): Microbiology & Immunology
Email Nick

Phan Dao

PRC 231-265
Major(s): Business Technology
Email Phan

Reid Jansen

PRC 301-329
Major(s): Marine Science & Geological Science
Email Reid

Caleb Stacey

PRC 331-365
Major(s): Microbiology & Immunology and Psychology
Email Caleb

Saidah Lopez

PRC 401-429
Major(s): Elementary Education
Email Saidah

Bella Lopez

PRC 431-465
Major(s): Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Microbiology & Immunology
Email Bella

Aaliyah Brown

PRC 501-529
Major(s): Biochemistry & Nutrition
Email Aaliyah

Layomi Adeojo

PRC 531-565
Major(s): English and Psychology
Email Layomi

Okera Hastings

PRC 601-629
Major(s): Environmental Engineering
Email Okera

Mackensie Debello

PRC 631-665
Major(s): Marketing
Email Mackensie

Angella Nakasagga

PRC 701-729
Major(s): Public Health & Economics
Email Angella

Isabel Ogilvie

PRC 731-765
Major(s): Computer Science & Mathematics
Email Isabel

Stanford Residential College FYFs

Angelique Uku

RT 2&3
Major(s): Economics
Email Angelique

Catalina Sanchez

RT 4&5
Major(s): Psychology & Criminology
Email Catalina

Luke Norris

RT 6&7
Major(s): Ecosystem Science & Policy
Email Luke

Jada Brown

RT 8&9
Major(s): Psychology & Creative Advertising
Email Jada

Deidre Quinones

RT 10&11
Major(s): Education
Email Deidre

Emma Miller

RT 12 & WT 12
Major(s): Ecosystem Science and Policy & Spanish
Email Emma

Raina Johnson

WT 2&3
Major(s): Environmental Engineering
Email Raina

Savannah Linares

WT 4&5
Major(s): Health Science
Email Savannah

Veronica Gilbert

WT 6&7
Major(s): Health Science & Biology
Email Veronica

Anika Yamar

WT 8&9
Major(s): Microbiology & Immunology
Email Anika

Tony Ngo

WT 10&11
Major(s): Marketing
Email Tony

Questions about the First Year Fellows Program?

Michael Stokes, Director for Academic Initiatives & Academic Ombudsperson, manages the First Year Fellows program. Michael can be reached at