Residential Faculty & Faculty Fellows

Residential Faculty & Faculty Fellows work with Housing and Residential Life to increase faculty and student engagement and contribute to the development of an intellectual community in the Residential Colleges. 

Residential Faculty & Faculty Fellows achieve this by serving as a mentor to students, serving as an advocate for students, and putting a human face to faculty members.  

Find Your Residential Faculty & Faculty Fellows

Eaton Residential College

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  • Dr. Yunqiu (Daniel) Wang, Sr. Residential Faculty

    School/College: College of Arts & Sciences

    Discipline: Biology

    About Dr. Wang:  

    Yunqiu Wang is a senior lecturer at the UM Biology Department, teaching genetics and conducting biology education research. His current research interests focus on engaging students to construct deep knowledge and active learning skills.

    He is the recipient of the UM Excellence in Teaching Award and has been a consistent contributor to national conferences in biology education research.  His research has been supported by National Science Foundation (NSF) and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). He and his wife, Xiyuhan (Filly), and his daughter, Ayla, live in Eaton with their dog, Super, and their cat, mimi.  

  • Professor Lokesh Ramoamoorthi, Faculty Fellow

    School/College: College of Engineering

    Discipline: Software Engineering


Hecht Residential College

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  • Dr. Brian Arwari, Senior Residential Faculty

    School/College: School of Education & Human Development

    Discipline: Sports Psychology

    About Dr. Arwari:

    Dr. Brian Arwari is an Associate Clinical Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences. He teaches mainly Sport Psychology and his research interests are centered around the relationship between exercise and cognition. He and his wife, Chiara, are from Italy. Dr. Arwari is the associate residential Faculty in Hecht Residential College. He lives here with his wife, their 4-year-old Leonardo, 1 year old Luca, as well as their very friendly dog Maya.

  • Dr. Karoline Mortensen, Associate Residential Faculty

    School/College: Miami Herbert Business School

    Discipline: Health Management & Policy

    Dr. Mortensen's Specialties:

    Health insurance, access, and health care utilization of vulnerable populations, particularly utilization of Medicaid enrollees and the uninsured; assessing impacts of the Affordable Care Act; and innovative payment mechanisms in Maryland hospitals

  • Kimberly McGrath Moreira, Faculty Fellow

    School/College: College of Arts & Sciences

    Discipline: English Composition

    About Professor McGrath Moreira:

    Kimberly McGrath Moreira, a Senior Lecturer in the English Composition Program, combines student-centered learning with community engagement (special emphasis on social justice and work with the non-profit Exchange for Change). Her varied educational experiences—from attending school in Nigeria, South Africa, and Singapore to teaching in Japan, Hong Kong and the US—inform her passion and research interest in experiential education and collaboration with diverse communities. She, her husband Alex, daughter Gabriela, and dog Scooby welcome “U”! 

Mahoney Residential College

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  • Dr. Kysha Harriell, Sr. Residential Faculty & Chair of the Residential Faculty

    School/College: School of Education & Human Development

    Discipline: Athletic Training & Sports Medicine

    About Dr. Harriell:

    Dr. Harriell is a Clinical Professor in the Athletic Training Program and the Executive Director of the Office of Academic Enhancement. Previously, she worked as an Assistant Athletic Trainer with many of UM's sports teams. Her research focuses on sports medicine for the female athlete, and she is involved with projects that focus on health care issues impacting ethnically diverse individuals. She lives with her 14 year-old niece, Viera and her dog, Patella.

  • Dr. Justin Ritzinger, Associate Residential Faculty

    School/College: College of Arts & Sciences

    Discipline: Religious Studies

    About Dr. Ritzinger:

    Justin Ritzinger 芮哲 teaches Asian religions in the Religious Studies Department. His research focuses on modern Buddhism in China and Taiwan. Between college and grad school he worked as a translator and teacher in Taiwan. There he met his wife, Amei, who now teaches Chinese lessons in Miami. They have two daughters: Anne (12), a budding artist; and Maggie (4), a charming chaos agent. . 若有事情想用中文討論,可以來找我.

Pearson Residential College

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  • Dr. Joy Beverly, Senior Residential Faculty

    School/College: College of Arts & Sciences

    Discipline: Mathematics

    About Dr. Beverly: 

    Joy Beverly is a Mathematics Lecturer whose research interests are  student persistence and innovative classroom methods. She and her husband, Jerry, advise U Pup and live in Hecht with their dog, Colin, a UHealth therapy dog. They were both collegiate athletes when they met, and they still like to watch and play sports.  They love to spend time with their three beautiful daughters Alexandra, Samantha and Gabriela who are all proud Hurricanes.

  • Dr. Nicholas Carcioppolo

    School/College: School of Communication

    Discipline: Communication Studies

    About Dr. Carcioppolo:

    Dr. Carcioppolo’s research focuses on the development and assessment of persuasive communication intervention materials to influence health decision-making and outcomes. He has extensive experience conducting translational research in interdisciplinary teams to address behavioral issues of health. He was previously a fellow in the National Cancer Institute Cancer Prevention Internship Program, where he led a project designed to identify risk factors associated with unnecessary exposure to ultraviolet (UV) through indoor tanning. His current research involves working in collaborative, interdisciplinary teams to encourage the adoption of cancer prevention and screening behaviors, largely in the context of UV exposure.

Stanford Residential College

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  • Dr. Leslie Knecht, Sr. Residential Faculty

    School/College: College of Arts & Sciences

    Discipline: Chemistry

    About Dr. Leslie Knecht:

    Dr. Leslie Knecht is a Senior Residential Faculty in Stanford Residential College and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry. She grew up on a tobacco farm up a holler in rural Southeastern Kentucky and was a first-generation college student. Her research interests focus on bioanalytical chemistry.  Her husband, Marc Knecht, is a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry. They enjoy taking their two sons and dog Proton on many adventures.

  • Dr. Marc Knecht, Sr. Residential Faculty

    School/College: College of Arts & Sciences

    Discipline: Chemistry

    About Dr. Marc Knecht:

    Dr. Marc Knecht is a professor of chemistry in the College of Arts & Sciences. He was born and raised in a small town outside PIttsburgh, PA and is a first-generation college students. He completed his BS degree in Chemistry from Duquesne University and received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Vanderbilt. His research is focused on the use of bio-based methods to make functional materials. When he's not researching in the lab, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Leslie Knecht, their two boys, and their dog Proton.

  • Dr. Melvin Butler, Associate Residential Faculty

    School/College: Frost School of Music

    Discipline: Musicology

    About Dr. Butler:

    Dr. Melvin L. Butler is an associate professor of musicology in the Frost School of Music. A native of Kansas City, he earned his PhD from New York University and a bachelor's degree from Berklee College of Music. Along with his scholarly work on Caribbean and African American music and culture, he has recorded and toured extensively as a jazz saxophonist. He moved to Miami in 2016 with his wife, Lori, and their son, Stanley.

  • Dr. Nick Petersen, Faculty Fellow

    School/College: College of Arts & Sciences

    Discipline: Sociology, Criminology, Law & Society

    About Dr. Petersen:

    Nick Petersen is a Faculty Fellow for Stanford Residential College and has been at UM since 2015 (with faculty positions in Sociology and Law). His research examines criminal justice racial-ethnic inequalities and he teaches courses focusing on criminology/criminal justice involving hybrid/active learning techniques (e.g., videos, podcasts, and jail tours). He is from Northern California, where he attended community college before transferring to the University of California. He enjoys rock climbing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and running.