Plus One Scholarship

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The Plus One Scholarship program has been discontinued. There will be no more application cycles.

The Plus One Scholarship program offers individualized educational enrichment by granting University of Miami undergraduates a tuition-free year or semester beyond the normal number of years required to complete an undergraduate degree. The program’s single purpose is to give you the opportunity to broaden and expand your learning and study subjects your current degree requirements and other academic commitments may preclude.

Plus One Scholars earn an enriched degree with additional credit requirements (15 for one semester and 30 for two semesters). Upon completion of the Plus One you will have a BS or BA with enrichment. All coursework taken toward the Plus One can only be used to satisfy the Plus One degree requirements.


Existing Plus One Scholars

If a course that was part of your approved Plus One Plan of Study is no longer offered in a given semester, was cancelled, or conflicts with other classes you have to take during a given semester, you need to request approval to modify your Plus One Plan of Study for Plus One specified courses only.  

Submit this form to make your request, and you will receive a response within 2-3 business days.

Plus One Modification Request Form