Plus One Scholarship

The Plus One Scholarship program offers individualized educational enrichment by granting University of Miami undergraduates a tuition-free year or semester beyond the normal number of years required to complete an undergraduate degree. The program’s single purpose is to give you the opportunity to broaden and expand your learning and study subjects your current degree requirements and other academic commitments may preclude.

Plus One Scholars earn an enriched degree with additional credit requirements (15 for one semester and 30 for two semesters). Upon completion of the Plus One you will have a BS or BA with enrichment. All coursework taken toward the Plus One can only be used to satisfy the Plus One degree requirements.

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The Plus One Scholarship program will be ending after the completion of the Fall 2022 application cycle, and will no longer be available for future applicants.  Students interested in this program, and eligible to apply for the Fall 2022 application cycle should apply by the October 1, 2022 deadline.

Prospective Plus One Scholars

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  • Prospective Plus One Scholar Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can apply to the Plus One Scholarship?

    The Plus One Scholarship gives you time to deepen and expand your education, to study something new, to pursue learning for its own sake. If, for instance, your current degree program, major, or pre-professional track constrains your ability to explore a subject in a different realm, you should consider Plus One. Another reason to apply is if you discover a new academic interest too late in your college careers to engage it. This degree program will enable you to do this.

    • Undergraduate students must have completed 30 credits at UM in order to apply for the Plus One.
    • Students must have at least one full semester of degree requirements (12-15 credits) remaining at UM after the October 1st deadline
      • (Ex: Students applying in time for October 1, 2021 deadline, must not graduate earlier than May 2022 without the extra time of Plus One)
    • Students can only apply for the Plus One program once
     What does the Plus One Scholarship cover?

    The Plus One Scholarship only covers standard full-time tuition for the length of the approved proposal (semester or year). Plus One Scholars are responsible for all other costs including housing.

     Are we able to incorporate study abroad into our proposal?

    Students can incorporate study abroad into their Plus One proposal. However, students must study abroad through a UM program.  Students thinking about applying for Plus One should meet with Study Abroad as soon as possible and share with the study abroad advisor their interest in the Plus One Scholarship.

    What is the application process?

    The Plus One Scholarship is a unique opportunity and requires students to thoughtfully plan out their proposal. This involves meeting with faculty, contacting department chairs, and if incorporating study abroad, meeting with study abroad. 

    This process will take time. Starting the application process shortly before the deadline is not advised.  Applications are available around May 1st every year, and due October 1st.  The Plus One Committee reviews applications in October, and applicants are notified by November 1st. There is currently only 1 application cycle per year.

    Successful applications will propose a set of Plus One courses that represent a clear educational vision, a case for enrichment, and specific goals for learning. You should confer with appropriate faculty when developing your proposal.

    Students typically will present a plan for all remaining semesters that integrates their Plus One degree courses with their current degree requirements. A proposal may include a Study Abroad component, but Study Abroad must be completed before the final semester. Plus One courses must be taken during the Fall or Spring semesters, not in the summer or during intersession.

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    How does the Plus One Scholarship impact my GPA?

    All Plus One courses will be factored into the student’s GPA and will count in all GPA-based honors awards. Plus One Scholars will earn their credential upon successfully completing all degree requirements associated with the Plus One degree.

    How does the Plus One Scholarship impact my graduation?

    Your undergraduate degree requirements are modified to include your approved Plus One courses, and therefore, students do not graduate or receive their degree until completion of the Plus One plan of study.  Plus One Scholars are able to walk with their original graduating class, or upon completion of their degree.  If a Plus One Scholar wishes to attend Commencement with their original graduating class, they should visit the Office of Commencement website and look for the heading "Walking at Commencement Before Graduation Date" for special instructions on how to apply by the advertised deadline in the academic calendar.

Attend an information session!

Attend an upcoming Plus One Scholarship Information Session to answer questions about the application process and your proposal.
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Prospective Plus One Consultations

After attending an information session, schedule a 15-minute consultation for initial feedback about your proposal.  Make sure you select "Prospective Plus One Consultation" in Navigate.
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Plus One Scholarship Application

Download the application as a Word document to get started on your application.
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Resources for Faculty Advisors & Current Plus One Scholars

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